3 Goals Online

Hat Trick

Score 3 goals in an Online Ranked match

Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars (online)


Win an Online Ranked match                                              


Play 10 Online Ranked career matches  


Win 50 Online Ranked career matches  


Score 500 goals in your Online Ranked career                 

Hot Shot Trophy

Hot Shot

Achieve the Most Valuable Player award in an Online Ranked match

My First Goal Online


Score your first goal in an Online Ranked match

Trash Panic - The Last Boss

Cleared Main Mode – Main Dish through the EGO route

EGO-player!! You've unlocked HELL Mode!

Peggle - Free! Free! Free Ball! Trophy

Free! Free! Free Ball!

Rack up the score or hit the bucket for 3 free balls in one shot.

Peggle - GO ULTRA! Trophy


Clear all the pegs in a level. It's pretty extreme, but you look up to it.

Peggle - Be Cool Trophy

Be Cool

Hit the last orange then the last blue to rack up a Cool Clear.

Pain - Potty Time Trophy

Potty Time

Dive into 3 urinals, experience some FArt, and blow up The Stinker status in one run in the Stiffstonian

Pain - Butter Mousetrap Trophy

Butter Mousetrap

Mousetrap into the toaster in The Stiffstonian without hitting the ground

Pain - Bone Smoker Trophy

Bone Smoker

Throw-bomb any large dinosaur skeleton 30 times

Pain - Secret Santa Trophy

Secret Santa

Open all the unlocked lockers in PAIN Reunion using Santa

Pain - Lo Touch Trophy

Lo Touch

Grab teleporting Hung Lo in PAIN Reunion

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